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This is the New Millennium. You don't have to ram a whaling boat, spray paint a baby seal or chain yourself to a tree to save the environment. (Not that there's anything wrong with those things, you just don't have to do them to be an "eco-warrior".) Anyone who recycles or composts or tries to reduce household and workplace waste is an "eco-warrior". Every little bit helps and everyone can help in their own small way. As someone much wiser than I said, "If you truly feel that you cannot fix the problem by yourself, you should at least do all you can to prevent it from getting worse." Being environmentally friendly doesn't stop at using bio-degradable paint.



Constant air is more environmentally friendly than 12 grams. C/A tanks aren't thrown away after thirty shots. However . . .


Empty 12 grams can be recycled. They are made of high-grade steel and local scrap metal dealers will buy them. Old aluminum C/A tanks can be recycled. They can also be reused for other things; I have been thinking on having one turned into a lamp for my paintball shop!

IMPORTANT NOTE: Make sure the 12 grams and tanks are indeed empty, before they "go into the bin".

Plastic bags and soft drink containers are recycled in some areas. If they are not recycled in your area, you should thing about using paper bags and glass bottles, they are the most commonly recycled items.

Recycling also includes reusing things too. I keep the heavy plastic bags that paint (in the case) comes in. They're great for packing dirty and sweaty gear at the end of the day.


Bring your own and throw your trash in it. Also, pick up trash that is blowing around your feet, even if it isn't yours. Offer to help clean the fields you played on that day. The Canadian Contingent routinely does a field sweep at the end of the day and cleans up the mess we left behind. Especially on 12 gram and stock days.


Players are less likely to throw away a five dollar bulk tube than a twenty five cent 10 shot tube. I use ten shot tubes, but I don't throw away my tubes, because I'm cheap.


I use my old goggles for trips to the chronograph and the range between games. I have removed the mask so it doesn't get in the way when I try to hold my adjuster tool in my mouth.

Old lenses can be cut and shaped to become lens covers for scopes and dot sights. You KNOW that will stop a paintball!


I have all of my paintmarkers anodized to match each other. But it was done after a lot of research. I made sure the plater and anodizer properly disposed of any caustic waste chemicals by checking to see if their area had hazardous waste disposal programs in place. Most areas do, especially where their is a lot of industry.

All of the custom shops I deal with have anodizing and plating sub- contractors who dispose of their chemicals in accordance with local and state regulations.




Make sure that you know where old tires are to go when they are being disposed of, should you decide you have to get rid of them. As an alternative, think about using hay bales, instead. They're biodegradable.

Metal drums should be properly flushed at a hazardous waste disposal facility before they get to your field. You don't want any residual chemical leaching into the local water table. Old drums should be brought to scrap metal dealers.


Don't cut trees down if you don't have to, especially the larger and older trees. Brush clearing is healthy for wooded areas, as long as you don't go over board. Use the brush to make bunkers and other cover.


If you're going to be raising structures on your fields like buildings or bunkers, make use of second-hand lumber. Also use lower grade lumber. Not only is lower grade lumber cheaper, but now ALL of that tree is being used, not just the "good parts".

While some suggestions may be impractical for you (not all players live in areas with recycling programs) you should do your best to do your part.

It's really a matter of self preservation; no environment, no paintball!


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