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Doc is owner, CEO, and sweeper upper of ARIZONA COMBAT GAMES a service to paintballers in western Arizona and the surrounding areas. He can be seen shooting, testing, and playing with his Nova, Automags, Elect.-R/t's, Tippmann 98's, and many other numerous markers in Arizona and in SoCal, aka SC Village

In everyday life Doc is a professor of Political Science and History at Mohave Community College. Before that he has taught a number of other universities and colleges. He has also served his country as an intelligence evaluator and occasional operative for the Central Intelligence Agency and before that as Marine Officer.

He is in addition an author, wargamer designer and regular contributor to a number of magazines including PAINTBALL & ACTION PURSUIT GAMES. A recognized authority on all things military and the American Civil War in particular, he continues his writing career from his home in Lake Havasu City.

Doc holds advanced degrees from the Univerisity of Notre Dame and Georgetown Unitversity. His other hobbies include collecting and painting model soliers, wargaming, bodybuilding and watching his favorite football team - the Buffalo Bills!