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 Western Arizona has some unbelievable places to play paintball in. And some unique landscape that is so fun to play on. What is he talking about, you say. It's a desert - Hot and flat! Yes and no, Western Arizona is not all flat , nor is it hilly terrain. Its just in between. And its not your typical Southern California desert ether. It is what it is, a desert. A desert that can get very hot in the summer and cool in the winter time. So that why we have two paintball fields that we play on . During the Summer months you can forget about paintball along the Colorado River. Its no fun playing paintball when all of your paintballs melts in your hands, So off to Kingman (DW Ranch Rd) FootHills we go , were there is a 3000 ft elevation differents from Lake Havasu. And alot cooler! When Winter arrives we set up shop just north of Topock. And thats when the fun begins in this area! The field is located right along the Havasu National Wildlife Refuge area. A very unique and beautiful part of the desert. With sections of tall Mesquite Trees and bushes. It can hide a 6 ft person standing up. And then there's the wide open spots, that makes for great sniping fun! Down below you'll see the directions on how to find the fields. If you have any questions please e-mail me or Doc





1.27.02 AT TOPOCK, AZ

2.10.02 AT TOPOCK, AZ

2.24.02 AT TOPOCK, AZ

3.10.02 AT TOPOCK, AZ

3.24.02 AT TOPOCK, AZ

4.7.02 AT TOPOCK, AZ









 From Lake Havasu & BullHead Cities: Go east on I-40 to kingman city. Go Thought and pass Kingman on I-40, Look for - D.W. Ranch Rd exit (Exit 59) Make a Right - Going south for about 3 miles on DW Ranch Rd. Pass the (1) first Cow Guard, keep on going. Pass the (2) SECOND Cow Guard (ONE LANE) and start Counting 5 Telephone poles (3) after the cow guard, Look to your left side for a DIRT road, pull in (4) and you should see the cars. Or listen for a gun fight!




Go west on I-40, Exit on Topock Rd/AZ 95 (Exit1) go under the Railroad Bridge, then past the Topock Marina, Go about 500 ft from the marina entry, Look to your Right (going north) for a small dirt road with a Cable wire across a gate, The gate/cable is not locked. But you'll have to remove the cable from its post it get through. Turn Right and go through the gate on to the dirt rd (going east) Please put the Cable back on, go for about 100 ft until it runs in to the main R.R. tracks, At that point make a Left Going north again, Following the R.R. Tracks on your right, Be very careful going on this part of the dirt rd, there are some soft spots, So try not to stop here, Also the rd slits up in to two rds at some spots, One goes up to the R.R. Tracks and the other goes down along the Tracks, Stay to the one thats goes down, one on your left. Go for approximate 1 mile on the dirt rd, Start looking for a wide spot to your Left (Junction), its the under gound gas pipes that go through this area. Turn left when you see this junction. You should see the cars by then. Park on the other side of the Refuge.