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Now Playing in Kingman, Az @ D.W.Ranch Rd. Next Meet August 31 ' 03 at 8:30am

Summers End ShootOut Tournament Set for Sunday Oct 19 '03 in Kingman, Az @ DWRanch Rd. For Info go Here.


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Arizona Combat Games is Founded by Paul "Doc" Koch Who is Doc? Well, Doc is a teacher, an author, and all around fun guy - whose purposes is to be Paintballs goodwill ambassador to everyone who is lucky enough to meet him. Doc has put together two of his favorite hobbies: Paintball and Wargaming historical scale battiles with model solders . His two hobbies make up Arizona Wildcats tour schedule Combat Games. Doc as been playing Paintball since the early 80's and has made numerous articles for Action Pursuit Games and other paintball magazines. He is always working to promote the "Fun" aspect of paintball in this part of the country.  And Paintball is what Arizona State Sun Devils is all about. From Recreational play to Tournaments and a few Scenario games in between. A.C.G. has it all! A.C.G. is located on the Colorado River in Lake Havasu City, Arizona. We have Two Paintball Fields (Winter & Summer-Rec Out Law Play only ) that we setup and maintain for you to use and everyone is welcome. And its all Free! If your new or do not have any paintball equipment or just want to play, we can help. Doc rents out all of the necessary equipment to play with at a reasonable price. Need refill for your Co2 or Nitrogen tanks? Doc can do refills too. Need Paint? we can get any brand of paint with in a few days. Like a private party or game? Doc can set you up and even Ref for you. So come on down! Play like a kid again! We have our games on every other Sundays and start about 9:30am and last until we're done. So come play in The Deserts of Western Arizona!


Got Paint? Try Paintball in the deserts of Arizona



Western Arizona has a extraordinarily group of paintball players from beginners and novices to seasoned veterans and Pros, from all stretches of life - who come to the deserts of Western Arizona from near by citys of Kingman, Bullhead, and Lake Havasu City to play a competitive (but simple) game of paintball on every other Sundays. With average temperature of 110 (But its a dry heat!) in the summer, it can get a little too hot to play paintball, So we setup a summer field near the city of Kingman that we play on from May to Oct. During the winter months, the average temp is in mid 70's things are a bit nicer, your paintballs will not melt. And thats when the real fun begins here in the desert! Our winter field that we use from Nov to April, is near the city of Topock, right on the Colorado River . Both Fields are somewhat easy to get to and are right off I-40. But you will need to drive on dirt roads for about 1 mile, to get to the Topock field. You do not need a 4 wheel drive vehicle, a Yugo will do. All GUNS Must be Chrono to 285 fpm before playing on the fields, A chrono will be setup for your use. Also guns must be "plug" when not on the field. And Goggles MUST BE ON at all times while on the playing fields! So you think you'll like to try paintball in the desert? Then come join us! If you live in Western or Northern Arizona and would like to play in the sands, by all means COME! Try something different. We would love to have new people come out to play paintball with us in the desert (Beginners Welcome! Old timers too). . For more Info click on the Field Icon ( Map)



Paintball is many thing to many people. Ask one player to describe paintball and he would use words like -"Nonstop Action, Exhilarating, Aggression, Adrenalin rush " Ask anther paintball player and you will hear words like - "Strategies, Survival, Elimination, Risk" So to them, the average "Joe" the paintball player, Paintball is about a exhilarating nonstop adrenalin rush game of risk, were you use aggression along with strategies for your survival so you'll not be eliminated! Say what ? What are they talking about? I'm new. Well like I said, Paintball is many things. You just can't use one word for it. But if you must, - that word just maybe - Anticipation --Why this word ? I can think of better words, you say. True, but its more of a feeling then a word - Anticipation of what is going to happen in a game. Anticipation of a sleepless night before a big tournament game. Anticipation of Whose behind a bunker or bush. Anticipation of the sting of a close hit. Anticipation of winning or loosing. But its the Anticipation of the word "GAME ON" that gets your heart pumping with adrenalin and a new awareness that everyone, must experience for them self. Paintball is an exhilarating sport. It is filled with anticipations of strength, speed,and prowess. Playing paintball heights the senses. Trying to survive a game with out getting hit is an unimaginable rush. Paintball is merely a recreation of certain aspect of the real world, You live you die and pay taxes - in place of taxes, you pay for you equipment, which you pay Taxes on. It also has the elements of real combat and hunting, but is channel in to a "safe" sport were you can kill with out killing someone or something. Death is not permanent in this sport, But it has the feeling of death and that's what makes this sport so fun. That is paintball to me. But you say "I'm a Newbie to the sport and I still do not know what paintball is?" I say to that person, "Paintball is an exciting version of capture the flag or Tag. The game is played with two opposing teams competing utilizing Co2 Paintball Markers which propel a non-toxic washable gelatin capsule. When the paintball breaks on your opponent, he or she is eliminated. The game is won by successfully returning the opponent's flag to your team's flag station or eliminating all of your opponents." Or you can say, Shoot players on the other team, and don't let them shoot you.

Ed Rob.



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